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Time for NFL to Jettison Rooney Rule

Regardless if you’re interested in sports or not, this issue reflects a larger idea that racial integration in sports – with all its different viewpoints and controversies – is something we must all be conscience of.  I think the “Rooney Rule” appears to undermine the process of integrating more racial diversity into the NFL.  In many instances, ESPN will break a story of a coach hiring in the NFL and later note that the decision is pending a minority candidate interview.  In fact, if I was a minority candidate, I would feel insulted by the process and would feel inclined to refuse to be a part of a flawed system that functions in order to fulfill a quota.  The NFL, as a league, tends to be very diverse with respect to its players.  However, I believe if the league wants to integrate more black coaches, for whatever reasons, it should take a different approach that does not exploit black head coach candidates.

Affirmative Action: Twenty-five Years of Controversy

I found this article to be not only interesting and relevant, but valuable, in that it offers both the pros and cons of preferential treatment within society.  I believe that some groups of people – not just simply all blacks or all Hispanics, but certain interracial urban communities as a whole – are at an economic disadvantage in comparison to other communities.  With that being said, it is quite clear how the issue of affirmative action can cause racial tension and some cases, even foster hostility.