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RLC a.w.a.r.e. Discussion “Feminism: Old School, New School, or Classic?”

RLC a.w.a.r.e. Discussion:
“Feminism: Old School, New School, or Classic?”


An Open Discussion with Faculty and Students:

  • How do issues of
    Diversity and Gender present themselves to the current generation of
    women at Saint Anselm College:
  • Are women still struggling against a
    male-centered system of oppression and privilege?
  • Are they newly
    empowered to take on the world on their own terms?
  • Or are there types
    of women’s issues that still apply and are relevant across the
Tuesday, February 8 · 5:45pm – 7:00pm

Location Bradley
House Lounge

“I do not want you to ignore my identity, nor do I want you to make it an
insurmountable barrier between our sharing of strengths… I am your
sister.” Audre Lord

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A dialogue on Biracial Identity by Ken Taylor (from Philosophy Talk)

Here is the program that this dialogue went with:

NPR: Saving Our Daughters From An Army Of Princesses

Saving Our Daughters From An Army Of Princesses



Schedule of Events on Sexual Identity Inclusiveness Feb. 14-18

Last semester, we updated you on the work of the Inclusivity and Sexual Orientation Task Force.  In that correspondence we announced that we would have presenters on campus in February.  It is hard to believe that this time is upon us already.  During the week of February 14-18,  Jim Schexnayder, SJ, Resource Director, Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry will be on campus.  Fr. Jim regularly presents at national conferences and has provided support, training, and resources to countless colleges and universities, as well as several Catholic parishes and diocese.    While here at Saint Anselm, he will guide us in conversation and lead us in presentations regarding inclusion and the needs of  LGB members of our community.  Our aim is to ensure that  Saint Anselm College is a welcoming community regardless of sexual orientation.

During Fr. Jim’s visit we many things planned.  Throughout his stay, Fr. Jim will be meeting faculty, staff, administrators and students; and with the Core Council for Gay and Lesbian Students and the Inclusivity and Sexual Orientation Task Force. Our hope is to engage a large cross-section of our community in dialogue.

Highlights for Faculty include:

With the Ear of Our Heart” – presentation by Fr. Jim and panel sharing by LGB  members of our community –  Tuesday, February 15th at 4:00 p.m. in the North Lounge

Breakfast sessions w/Faculty:

  • Tuesday, February 15th at 8:30 a.m. (pre-registration required)
  • Wednesday, February 16th at 8:30 a.m. (pre-registration required)

Afternoon tea session w/ Faculty:

  • Wednesday, February 16th at 3:00 p.m. (pre-registration required)

We encourage you to participate in the opportunities listed above.  To pre-register for one of the sessions identified above please reply to this e-mail with your name and contact information, as well as the session you wish to register for.

We look forward to working with all members of the college community as we together progress toward our goal of ensuring all people are respected and feel welcome at Saint Anselm College.


Maria McKenna                                             Susan Gabert
Associate Professor of Psychology             Director, Campus Ministry
Co-chair, Inclusiveness and                         Co-chair, Inclusiveness and
Sexual Orientation Task Force                    Sexual Orientation Task Force

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New attitudes on Multi Racial Students in the NYT and in Bitch Magazine

There was an article in the NT this weekend on the new attitudes towards race and multi-racialism in todays young people.


And this response by a young person from Bitch Magazine:


(You’ll just have to ignore the ads for feminist sex toy stores on the side ;)

I think the exchange reflects pretty well the divide that exists between generations on issues of diversity.

One the one hand the new generation does not want to be saddled with the hangups and categories of the previous generation, no matter how authentic and admirable their struggles were. In some ways things seem so much better. On the other hand, they also fear that older ways of casting the problem of diversity in terms of race no longer capture the reality of their more complex and complicated life stories. Stressing how far we have come minimizes the new types of struggles and reveals a unwillingness to talk about the real problems that remain.

We may have to learn to live with diversity in our attitudes towards diversity too ;)

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Difference Reveals Essence

Diversity involves difference, but not all difference is diversity. Diversity requires a background of sameness, of a shared nature and shared values. Diversity is difference that still speaks to us, presenting possibilities we might pursue and challenges to which we might rise. Diversity is difference in which we see ourselves, in both our possibilities and our failures.

As biological specimens, humans vary in innumerable ways, small and large, but not all biological difference is the kind of diversity we celebrate. Diversity involves the differences that matter, that reveal our essences and that challenge our self concepts. We are revealed to ourselves by what we recognize as diversity and how we respond to it. Differences can matter to us in two different ways, in ways that celebrate who we are and in ways the challenge it. More >