This section is for discussion of issues relating to Sexual preference and identity.

    Questions to discuss might include:
  • Is SAC tolerant of gay or lesbian or bisexual students? Have you experienced intolerance? Is there a difference between how tolerant students are and how tolerant faculty or administration are?
  • Are attitudes towards gay men, and lesbians, and bisexuals different? if so, why are the treatment of these groups different? Should they be?
  • Are you aware of the new inclusiveness policy for LGBT persons on campus? What do you think of it? Does it go far enough? Does it go too far?
  • How are diversity issues relating to sexual preference different from those relating to race or gender? Should they be?
  • Catholic moral theology  finds homosexuality to be a disordered form of sexual relationship. Can a Catholic community still be welcoming and respectful of homosexuals? Can Homosexuals be comfortable in a community that officially disapproves of their behavior?
  • Is inclusiveness for forms of sexual behavior different or harder than other kinds of inclusiveness? Do we apply the same standards to heterosexual and homosexual behaviors?
  • Is homosexuality a matter of sexual preference or cultural and personal identity? Do LGBT people you know define themselves according to the typical gender roles for their gender? Should they? Does that affect how easily they are accepted? Is intolerance of homosexuality due to the sexual behavior or the violation of typical gender norms?

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