This section is for discussion of Issues relating to gender, feminism, and sexual identity.

    Questions to discuss might include:

  • Is there still sexism at SAC? Have you encountered it? Do women require special treatment protect their rights or can they take care of themselves?
  • How far have women come? Is Feminism still necessary to ensure equality of opportunity?
  • How is your experience at SAC different because you are a woman or a man? Are there legitimate differences between men and women that should be reflected in how you are treated here?
  • Should preference to men or women be given to ensure that there is a diversity of genders in the student body, faculty, and administration?  Should there be roughly equal numbers of men and women in each group?
  • How are women and men each restricted or empowered by the gender roles and sexual roles imposed upon them by our culture and our media. Is life at SAC pretty much governed by typical cultural gender roles or is there a living counter culture here?
  • Do you have to to fit into typical gender roles to fit in at SAC? What happens if you don’t? Have you encountered intolerance for how you define yourself as a woman or man?
  • How should gender and women’s issues be reflected in the curriculum? Are they now? How should it change? Do we need to specially reflect women’s point of view, or men’s point of view, in courses?

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