This section is for discussion of issues relating to tolerance and hospitality for multiple religious viewpoints on campus.

    Questions to discuss might include:

  • What should be the status of other religions at a Catholic, Benedictine College? Can we welcome people of other religions while still maintaining belief in the truth of our religion?
  • How religious are most students at SAC? Have you encountered religious intolerance, either for your religious views or your lack of them?
  • How should SAC react to atheists, agnostics, or people for whom religion plays little role?  Have you had any experience with how non-religious people are treated on campus?
  • Do Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Protestant persons face special challenges at the college? How can we welcome them while still preserving the Catholic character of the college?
  • Do all religions share a common core of beliefs that makes it possible to make adherents of all religions welcome here? Are some religions more true than others?
  • How should different religions be represented in the curriculum? is it valuable for even non-catholics to take theology? Should Catholic students have to study other religions?

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