This section is for discussion of issues relating to diversity of ethnic and geographic origin and the physical and cultural differences that go with them.

Questions to discuss might include:

  • Is there still racism at SAC? What forms does it take?
  • How is your experience at SAC different because of who you are racially or ethnically?
  • How far have we come in overcoming racism? Do the categories and issues of the 20th century still apply?
  • Are members of different nationalities or ethnicities treated differently here? Who has the hardest time?
  • What do programs to increase diversity of this type add to the college? How can we help people of different ethnicities and races to feel welcome here?
  • Should we be trying to lose our ethnic and racial and cultural differences or should we be trying to retain our differences? Does emphasizing our categories help or hurt?
  • If you are white. do enjoy privilege or opportunities that others don’t? Is it fair? Is that your fault? What can you do about it?

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