This section is for discussion of issues of cultural, class, and economic diversity on campus.

Questions to discuss might include:

  • People sometimes say that SAC students are all alike.  Is there enough diversity in culture and class as SAC? Are SAC students all alike: upper middle class New England white?
  • Is it hard to fit in at SAC if you are not a typical student? Are there enough different types of people here? Is it important to have people from more places and cultures here?
  • Is it hard for people of lower economic classes at SAC? Have you encountered insensitivity to or intolerance of your economic class at SAC?
  • Are there enough small communities at SAC to allow students of varying interests and personalities to fit in? What could the college do to make it more welcoming for students who don’t fit the stereotypes?
  • Are cliques and cultural groups a good thing? Is SAC culture dominated by cliques or exclusive groups?  How do you make people more accepting of people unlike them? Is this important?
  • How is your experience at SAC different because of your economic class or the culture you come from? Have you been able to find people who are like you? Or do you think it is important to learn to fit in with people unlike you?

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