Here is some Audio of the Introduction that Richard Haynes gave to the process we will use for the first Workshop.


Audio from Richard Haynes’s Instructions

Summary of Workflow:

  1. Find an Image of what diversity means to your generation, or what it means to you at Saint Anselm College.
  2. Place an overhead transparency sheet over the image (or a piece of Tracing Paper) and use a fine tip Sharpie marker to trace the main shapes you want to use. (You can move the transparency to move objects from the picture or to include shapes from more than one picture.)
  3. Make a xerox copy of your tracing. (You can blow it up to around 5 x 7 or post card size if it is small) Make a number of copies as you’ll be trying out different color combinations on each one during weekend workshops.
  4. Use special crayons provided at upcoming workshops to color in the shapes on the copy to try out color schemes.
We will be doing the tracing and coloring in the upcoming workshops, but you should pick out and bring some images with you to the first workshop. If you want to trace prior to workshop — go to the Multicultural Center, the Humanities Office or contact Prof. Asbury at to pickup tracing paper or transparency sheets in advance.
Tracing/Mural Design Idea
by Jennifer Jarosz ’11

Full Audio

Here is the audio from Richard Haynes’s Full presentation after the First Dialogue for anyone who missed his initial presentation.

Full Audio from Introductory Presentation on 1/29