There was an article in the NT this weekend on the new attitudes towards race and multi-racialism in todays young people.

And this response by a young person from Bitch Magazine:

(You’ll just have to ignore the ads for feminist sex toy stores on the side ;)

I think the exchange reflects pretty well the divide that exists between generations on issues of diversity.

One the one hand the new generation does not want to be saddled with the hangups and categories of the previous generation, no matter how authentic and admirable their struggles were. In some ways things seem so much better. On the other hand, they also fear that older ways of casting the problem of diversity in terms of race no longer capture the reality of their more complex and complicated life stories. Stressing how far we have come minimizes the new types of struggles and reveals a unwillingness to talk about the real problems that remain.

We may have to learn to live with diversity in our attitudes towards diversity too ;)