“The Shape of Diversity” Community Mural Project & Dialogue

Guided by our mission as a Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts College, and the Strategic Plan: Looking Within – Reaching Beyond, Saint Anselm College is pleased to announce the development of a community mural that will focus on our commitment to fostering an intentionally inclusive campus environment. This multi-disciplinary project will be led by visiting artist and lecturer Richard Haynes over the course of several weekends in January and February 2011.

You can find Information about upcoming events in the project below and you can add your voice in our Blog and Media Sections.

Mural Unveiling Images

Shape of Diversity Mural Unveiling

February 16, 2011

Culmination of the collaborative project with artist Rhichard Haynes and Saint Anselm Students to embody the value of diversity at Saint Anselm College

Full Gallery

Mural Painting Day 2 Photos

Mural Painting Day 2 Photos

Pictures from Day 1 of Mural Painting

Images from Day 1 of Mural Painting

Mural Submissions Slideshow

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Sociology Society

Want to keep the diversity dialogue going?  Learn more about society and social change?

Or simply interested in being more involved?

Please Join Us for an informational/reorganization meeting of the

Sociology Society

Come find out what great events are being planned

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Wednesday Feb 9th @ 7:30pm

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Sunday Feb 13th @ 4:00pm

—Bradley House Lounge

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Schedule for Final Week of Mural Project

Here is the schedule for the last days and the unveiling.:

Last Chance! Mural Design Wrap-Up Session

Mural Design Presentation & VOTE!

PAINTING “The Shape of Diversity” Mural w/ Richard Haynes
Last Day! PAINTING the Diversity Mural
The Shape of Diversity Mural UNVEILING

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Video From Second Dialogue

Here are some of the video clips used during the Second Dialogue on February 6

A Class Divided:

You can watch the whole program here:

Here is one of the clips from the Angry Eyes film we watched:

Materials for the Second Dialogue

Here are some materials provided by the presenter.  You may also want to take a look at and think about the questions on the different sections of our blog:



Content of worksheet is below:


• Recall an incident in which you first became aware of differences. What was your reaction? Were you the focus of attention or were others? How did that affect how you reacted to the situation?

• What are the “messages” that you learned about various “minorities” or “majorities” when you were a child? At home? In school? Have your views changed considerably since then? Why or why not?

• Recall an experience in which your own difference put you in an uncomfortable position vis-à-vis the people directly around you. What was that difference? How did it affect you?

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Jenna's Mural Composition

Richard Haynes Introduction to First Workshop

Here is some Audio of the Introduction that Richard Haynes gave to the process we will use for the first Workshop.


Audio from Richard Haynes’s Instructions

Summary of Workflow:

  1. Find an Image of what diversity means to your generation, or what it means to you at Saint Anselm College.
  2. Place an overhead transparency sheet over the image (or a piece of Tracing Paper) and use a fine tip Sharpie marker to trace the main shapes you want to use. (You can move the transparency to move objects from the picture or to include shapes from more than one picture.)
  3. Make a xerox copy of your tracing. (You can blow it up to around 5 x 7 or post card size if it is small) Make a number of copies as you’ll be trying out different color combinations on each one during weekend workshops.
  4. Use special crayons provided at upcoming workshops to color in the shapes on the copy to try out color schemes.
We will be doing the tracing and coloring in the upcoming workshops, but you should pick out and bring some images with you to the first workshop. If you want to trace prior to workshop — go to the Multicultural Center, the Humanities Office or contact Prof. Asbury at to pickup tracing paper or transparency sheets in advance.
Tracing/Mural Design Idea
by Jennifer Jarosz ’11

Full Audio

Here is the audio from Richard Haynes’s Full presentation after the First Dialogue for anyone who missed his initial presentation.

Full Audio from Introductory Presentation on 1/29

Dialogue I_20110129_2898

Dialogue I Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of the first Diversity Dialogue on January 29 led by Ellen Semran.
You can find photos here:

Introduction to Diversity and Social Justice

Handout (pdf)

Audio from Introduction

Hearts and Minds and Identity

Handout (pdf)

Audio on Hearts and Minds and Identity


Handout on Priviledge(pdf)

Audio on Priviledge


Two videos were shown. They can be seen here:

What Diversity Means to Us (One Word)

Each participant contributed one word.
What Diversity Means to Us (One Word)

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Change in venue on 1/29 for Community Mural Project

Tomorrow’s Diversity Dialogue session has been moved from Hilary Hall to the NHIOP Auditorium. It is still being held from 10am – 1pm. Questions can be directed to

The facilitator, Ellen Semran, has asked us to read the attached articles. They are both very short (combined total is less than 10 pages).